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  1. Sorry to contact you this way but there is no contact form.

    Dear website owner we currently sponsor your template and are featured at the bottom of every page which has resulted in a Google ban for our site. I would be grateful if you could remove these links as I fear linking to us at present may cause some harm to your site or if you are unable to do so change templates. Sorry for the inconvenience but wanted to let you know before your site gets penalised. I look forward to a positive reply.

    To Remove the links from Blogger Fashionista

    You can either download a copy from the Template designer

    Many Thanks

    Kind Regards

    Suzanne Alwan

  2. Please would it be possible to remove our link from the bottom Template of your website. The SEO company we hired in the past used blog template to promote our website these links have now unfortunately been deemed as unethical links and have caused a Google Penalty Notification for our site. I apologise for the inconvenience this will cause but would be extremely grateful if it would be possible to remove the link from the bottom of your site. The link appears on every page of your site as it is built into the template and the linking text is "Swarovski Crystals". To remove the link you will need to remove it from the template code or change templates.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to your reply.